Mazuri is a world leader in exotic animal nutrition. The brand got its start as a nutrition solution for zoos with feed specifically tailored to meet the needs of the unique animals in their care. Today, Mazuri is one of the most prominent animal nutrition brands on the shelves of zoo feed rooms. However, when it came to the consumer exotic pet market, Mazuri’s brand awareness was not nearly as strong. The Mazuri team needed assistance in building, telling and promoting the brand story in a way that would effectively resonate with its unique and passionate audience.


To solve this challenge, we helped them bring a campaign called You Do ’Zu to life. The You Do ’Zu campaign was intended to inspire a sense of empowerment among the Mazuri audience, encouraging them to embrace their individuality and their passion for exotic animals, while finding a sense of community among other pet owners. You Do ’Zu captures an exciting energy, playing off the “you do you” mantra, while showing pet owners they can care for their animals like zoo professionals when they feed Mazuri products. The campaign messaging helps both Mazuri and exotic pet owners celebrate uniqueness, while still emphasizing the brand’s heritage and points of differentiation.

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This campaign resulted in success for the Mazuri brand. Highlights include increased website traffic of 132% and 24% growth of e-commerce sales year over year. It has also allowed Mazuri’s unique audience to embrace their individuality and show off their extraordinary companions in a way that is fun and collaborative, while helping the Mazuri team build brand engagement and trust organically.


Example print ad mocked-up in a magazine with the headline You Do 'Zu.
An example Mazuri print ad with the headline Everything You Need to Feed, created by Curious Plot
An example print ad for Mazuri with the headline Tailored nutrition for each alpaca's needs, created by Curious Plot


Six social post images used on Mazuri social channels.
Screenshots of three social post images.
A collage of various images used for social posts on Mazuri social media channels
Screenshots of two Mazuri social posts.

Spotify Playlist

Screenshot of the You Do 'Zu Spotify playlist mocked-up on a mobile device screen


Screenshots of two marketing emails designed and developed for Mazuri by Curious Plot

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Quick Facts

132% increased website traffic
24% growth of e-commerce sales year over year

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