Exclusive Pet Foods


Exclusive® Signature brand pet foods are a trusted choice for retailers and pet owners in rural America. After working with experts to refine their formula to include Comfort Care Digestive Health Support, Exclusive’s creators wanted to relaunch their Signature line to drive awareness and excitement around its unique new benefits. Curious Plot was challenged with developing a creative campaign that illustrated the need for enhanced pet digestive care and rejuvenated the brand.


The creative draws from things dogs do every day: eat garbage, chew furniture and devour nearly everything they aren’t supposed to. While we love them for it, it also shows how their digestive health can be compromised. “Dogs Will Be Dogs” plays off this behavior with bold red text that connects with Exclusive® Signature dog food.

Campaign elements tell a consistent and playful story through print ads, paid search, programmatic banners, YouTube pre-roll, television commercials and fresh approach with social media engagement. As the Exclusive team looks ahead to relaunching other pet food brands, this concept allows for easy replication with corresponding brand colors.

Curious Plot worked with the Exclusive team and launched Pet Digestive Health Month. Every August, dealers receive a customizable asset toolkit to promote the importance of pet digestive health among customers. The opportunity reinforces Exclusive Pet Foods as the digestive health experts by setting the gold standard for digestive health with the Comfort Care™ system.

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Within the first six months of the campaign launch, Exclusive Signature experienced a 10% increase in sales year over year.





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