Agricultural growers, retailers and consultants expect timely information on seasonal weeds, diseases and pests. Plot tours, farm shows and talking crops over a cup of coffee are all integral to farm culture. But what happens when these cornerstone educational opportunities take a pause? With no in-person events on the horizon, a new product to launch and loads of agronomic data to share, FMC faced the challenge of keeping farmers virtually connected to valuable crop protection information. The solution was a one-stop-shop that strategically delivers a variety of on-demand resources from the field.

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The FMC Upside is a robust content engine that houses various types of educational communications from FMC field team members. The platform hinges on four key communication vehicles: agronomic alert e-newsletters called HatchTraks, live and on-demand webinars, virtual plot tours and video updates from the field known as Tech Talks. Here’s a look at how each one provides valuable information to FMC customers.


Brand Platform

Brand Elements


HatchTraks are the cornerstone of FMC agronomic insights from the field. It’s a customer e-newsletter featuring timely regional information from technical experts. Article content is also housed on FMC’s website for quick research and search optimization.




FMC Upside webinars cover a variety of crops and agronomic topics, establishing FMC as an industry thought leader. The Curious Plot team works hand in hand with FMC to craft each webinar, from topic discovery and content development to promotion, moderation and post-event metrics distribution. In just three years, these webinars have increased average attendance per session by 184%.

Quick Facts

500+ continuing education (CEU) credits earned.
30+ webinars across both internal FMC and external audiences.
5,000+ unique webinar attendees.


Branding Elements

Virtual Plot Tours

Instead of sharing plot information at in-person tours, FMC technical service managers used 360º cameras to capture in-season crop performance virtually at sites across the nation. Curious Plot edited the footage to help FMC experts showcase their latest innovations with customers in a brand-new way.

Top traffic drivers:

  • Social media i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Email
  • Direct mail with QR code

Quick Facts

4,370 page views
16 plots across 10 states
1,956 unique users


Tech Talks

FMC Tech Talks take customers into the fields with FMC technical service team members to gain agronomic insights that enhance yield potential and crop performance. Each team member received A/V equipment and training to master best practices for creating videos. Curious Plot team members then edit the footage, upload to YouTube, post to the FMC website and share via social media in less than 48 hours.

Quick Facts: (as of November 2020)

45 Tech Talks total
8,972 total views
75% FMC tech service team participation

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