The Consumer Curiosity Report Part 2: Four Curiosities That Will Influence 2024 Food Trends.

Are you curious about what’s making the plate with food-forward consumers across the U.S.? So were we. That’s why we surveyed more than 700 early adopters to find out what they are most curious about when it comes to culinary, nutrition and sustainability topics. Turns out there’s a lot to discover in these areas that can help serve up marketing, menus and trends consumers crave.

The Consumer Curiosity Report

Download the next chapter of the Consumer Curiosity Report to learn what curiosities will influence 2024 consumer cravings, including:

  • How consumer appetites for cooking skills, flavors and snacks differ by generation and gender
  • Similarities and differences between meat and non-meat eaters on the topics of animal welfare and interest in high-protein recipes
  • Which curiosities are driven by younger generations

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