Celery-brating With Our 2020 Seed to Succeed Grant Winner

Fruit and vegetable consumption continues to decline. Curious Plot worked with 2020 Seed to Succeed grant recipient Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) to help consumers change their tunes.

As part of a $75,000 pro bono services grant, Curious Plot collaborated with PBH to launch their latest State of the Plate research report in an effort to improve America’s fruit and vegetable consumption habits as well as to advance it’s Have A Plant® Movement. Conducted every five years, the PBH State of the Plate: America’s Fruit & Vegetable Consumption Trends is the nation’s most comprehensive in-depth analysis of fruit and vegetable consumption behaviors and habits.

“We were thrilled to partner with Curious Plot to help change the narrative around fruit and vegetable consumption in America,” said Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, president and CEO of PBH. “As part of its grant, Curious Plot played a critical role in developing the overall launch and communications strategy for the PBH State of the Plate research, including creative content development as well as media planning and engagement, which tremendously contributed to the overall success of this campaign.”

The research shows people are eating fruits and vegetables less frequently, down nearly 10% since 2004, when the PBH State of the Plate reporting began. One key element of Curious Plot’s work was the plant-packed, show-stopping “Sing It With Me!” consumer campaign, creating fun-filled fruit and veggie puns with popular song lyrics such as “Oops, I bit it again,” “Can’t stop the peelin’,” “Celery-brate good times, come on!” and “Sweet dreams are made of peas” – all aimed at reminding consumers that eating fruits and veggies should be as easy as recalling your favorite songs, an approach also rooted in PBH’s commitment to behavioral science.

All told, PBH’s integrated marketing and communications efforts generated 640 million impressions from 400+ media placements, including media coverage in major markets and consumer outlets, as well as 20+ million social media impressions in Q1 2021 as part of its ongoing efforts to elevate new fruit and vegetable consumption behaviors as a national priority.

Needless to say, consumers and influencers alike were singing Have A Plant® from the rooftops during this impactful campaign.