Examining the Future of Agriculture

Agriculture has always been one of the most vital and complex industries in the United States; it was even affirmed as an essential industry in our society as a result of the COVID pandemic.

While many trends and topics are similar across the food chain, the way in which individuals view agriculture can vary greatly. In other words, perspective and “truth” are in the eyes of the beholder.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the industry is paramount for delivering effective communication built on strong strategy. It requires bringing together diverse perspectives and holding an ongoing dialog to remain truly informed.

Curious Insights Blogs

That is one reason Curious Plot is proud to have a Board of Advisors of nine industry veterans who represent various sectors – and truly diverse points of view – across the agriculture and food industries. This board keeps us grounded in truth while providing counsel, insights and strategic guidance to our agency and clients. Board members include:

Danita Rodibaugh, Rodibaugh & Sons Farms (chair)
Bill Boehm, The Kroger Company
Gregg Halverson, Black Gold Farms
Randy Marten, Food Ingredient Advisors
Jeff Nawn, The North Hill Group
Heidi Nelson, Food and Agriculture Marketing Consultant
David Parker, Curious Plot
Ted Priebe, Marketing Consultant
Marianne Smith-Edge, The Agri-Nutrition Edge

To tap into this collective brain trust, we are launching the Curious Insights series that examines the state of food and agriculture.

It originates from a recent Board of Advisors roundtable discussion led by Sara Wyant, president of Agri-Pulse. Advisors convened to discuss the most pressing issues and hot-button topics. In true hybrid fashion, some of the participants sat around a physical table, while others connected remotely.

We published the first article in this series in the September/October edition of Agri Marketing magazine. The article, “Blocking and Tackling Does Matter,” takes a look at how the COVID era has exposed the importance of getting simple things right.

Future articles in the Curious Insights series will feature more from Curious Plot leadership and the Board of Advisors on where they see food and agriculture heading. Look for more insights on key issues, such as new developments that improve both environmental sustainability and human health, and how transparency can help shape consumer perceptions of agricultural practices and technologies.

The future belongs to the curious. We look forward to exploring that future through the Curious Insights series.