Curious Plot Names Star Bazella as Senior Vice President, Digital & Engagement

Star Bazella has been named senior vice president of digital and engagement at Curious Plot.

In her new role, Bazella oversees the agency’s:

  • Digital, print and broadcast paid advertising strategy and buying.
  • Social and community management.
  • Performance marketing and automation.
  • Data strategy, management and insights.
  • SEO/SEM strategy and management.
  • Measurement and reporting.

“Star is effectively driving our clients’ business performance through strategic marketing automation, digital marketing, CRM strategies and initiatives, and much more,” said Laurie Fleck, president and CEO of Curious Plot. “She’s the perfect person to lead our digital and engagement team to deliver cutting-edge digital and social strategies to our clients.”

Bazella’s appointment comes at a time when the ways we collect, store and use data are ever-increasing, leading the customer journey to become more fluid and dynamic. With dozens of touchpoints across multiple devices, attribution models are the only way to predict outcomes accurately to calculate return on investment.

“Every point of contact between a customer and an organization has an impact,” Bazella said. “It’s crucial to accurately map and evaluate the customer journey leading up to conversion. Because of the sheer volume of data, it’s not realistic to manually identify the most valuable touchpoints along the customer journey, and tools for automating data collection and analytics are needed. I’m delighted to help our clients drive growth and profitability through digital engagements and marketing technology efforts.”

Bazella has more than 25 years of experience in marketing leadership roles with clients such as MISSION Boat Gear, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, IDeaS Revenue Solutions, RazorSync, Avatech Solutions, Minnesota Bankers Association and Siteimprove.