Marketers Taste the Future of Food Marketing With the Curious Food Leadership Program

No marketing professional should be an island, especially if you’re in the business of food marketing. That’s why we organized the first-ever Curious Food Leadership Program, a gathering of senior food industry marketers and trendsetters for two days to taste, share and ideate around the next trends in food marketing.

Marketing leaders in attendance represented some of the nation’s leading organizations and associations in the produce, seafood, dairy and nut industries, as well as emerging and legacy CPG brands.

“Now is the right time to hold a gathering like this. Food marketers are experiencing massive changes in the consumer landscape,” said Laurie Fleck, CEO, Curious Plot. “We convened this select group of leaders to share insights and inspiration from one senior marketer to another to navigate today’s food marketing challenges and opportunities, and discuss what’s beyond the horizon.”

As part of the meeting, participants took part in a wide array of ideation sessions; toured and tasted in test kitchens and innovative restaurants throughout the Twin Cities; and immersed themselves in a learning session hosted by Chef Andrew Zimmern.

We also previewed our new research, the Consumer Curiosity Report, which measured consumer interest in specific culinary, nutrition and sustainability topics.

One early finding we can share is that consumers have a strong appetite for global flavors. Food marketers are seeing a shift in consumer tastes and desire to explore new cuisines and ingredients like never before. Chef Andrew Zimmern reinforced this theme during his culinary learning session.

Zimmern delighted the group with recipe demonstrations illuminating the opportunity for food marketers to expand their understanding and awareness of unique ingredients to keep pace with today’s adventurous palates.

Want to get a taste of what’s in store for food marketing? Watch our social channels and website for the release of the full report as well as helpful tips you can use to keep curious consumers craving your content.